Becky Muldrow



Becky Muldrow is the founder and creator of Dual Credit at Home, a 49 week study program that helps students of all ages pursue an accredited bachelor's degree by earning credits by exam. Becky, wife and homeschool mother of 10, used this system successfully with her own children and eagerly shares her technique of earning accredited degrees while still in high school, with families across the nation. Becky looks forward to helping high school students not only reach but exceed their academic goals. 

Workshops 2020

Creating a Four-Year Plan For Your High School Student

A detailed plan can pave the way for a smooth high school experience. Come listen as Becky walks you through the creation of a comprehensive four-year plan. You'll personalize what you learn and pencil in a plan that will motivate both you AND your teen! You will not want to miss this detailed session, sure to set you on the right path for success. 

Developing an Impressive High School Transcript

A high school transcript can be one of the most intimidating parts of homeschooling through high school. What do you include? What should it look like? If you are homeschooling a high school student, or preparing to do so, this session is designed for you! From volunteer credits to actual transcript design, we've got you covered. Included in this session is access to a fantastic, free template that you can modify for your family! 

Want To Earn A Bachelor's Degree During High School? Here’s How!

Earning an accredited degree during high school can save your family years of time and thousands of dollars. In this informative session, Becky will show you how to replace high school-level studies with college-level studies, using the tried and true credit-by-exam method that every family can follow.