Bob and Debby Sjogren


Bob Sjogren Biography

Bob Sjogren, married to Debby and homeschool father of four adult

children, is an international speaker and author.  He has spoken to the

National Korean Youth Convention, Singaporean National Conference,

CMC (Chinese Mission Convention) conferences, SAIACS Graduate

School of Theology in India, Cru’s Staff in Poland, CRU Collegiate

Christmas Retreat, Dallas Theological Seminary along with having

spoken at churches in multiple other nations.  He has also authored

multiple books focusing on God’s glory and taking the gospel to all

nations. Most recently, he has become a featured speaker at several

state-run homeschool conventions. 


After Bob and Debby’s four homeschooled children went off to college,

they have teamed up together to create homeschool curricula to help

families not miss the big picture of raising children who glorify their

Lord.   Best known for Cat and Dog Theology, their material is for

grades K-12 and already has a strong track-record of completely

changing entire families’ spiritual DNA!  Please prayerfully consider

hosting what could be a life-changing message or workshop.

Debby Sjogren Biography

Presently residing in Virginia, Debby Sjogren graduated from The University of Alabama with a B.S. in Education in 1982. Married since 1986 to author and missions speaker, Bob Sjogren, God has blessed them with four wonderful children whom Debby began homeschooling in 1993 in Mesa, Arizona. Now twenty-five years later, with four home school graduates whom have all graduated with their bachelor’s degrees, God led Debby and Bob to begin writing  and publishing Bible curriculum for high school credit through the ministry of UnveilinGLORY, a home-based missions mobilization ministry and  now expanded to Elementary and Middle School curricula. Besides publishing curriculum, Debby loves to mentor young mothers at her local church, leads a missions club for kids and teaches Bible at her local homeschool academy. Debby also recently published her first book on parenting young children: Parenting for God's Glory:  Creatively Training Young Children in Honor and Respect.

Bob Sjogren - Sessions

“The Top Five Life-Lessons Most Homeschool Families Miss.”

Sometimes we can get so focused on the ABC’s and 123’s, that we miss the big picture of character development and living for the glory of God.  This simple, but powerful and life-changing workshop, will help you rise above the day-to-day existence of homeschooling and help you see the BIG PICTURE of why you’ve chosen to homeschool. 

How To Get Your Kids To Live Passionately For God’s Glory.  

70% of all Christian seniors ditch God when they go to college. Come and discover a compelling reason why!  The beginning to the answer is found in a simple question.  Do we live for God or does God live for us?  Most Christians say, “We live for God” but ACT as if God lives for them.  As a result, we have many WONDERFUL (yet sometimes self-absorbed, self-centered, pre-occupied) teenagers who can many times be found at the center of the Universe!  This workshop equips you to teach them how to die to themselves and live passionately for the glory of God. (If your kids know the 3 R’s, but miss this, they’ve missed everything.)

The Dangers of the Homeschool Bubble:  Helping Your Kids Discover God’s Full Will For Their Lives

Are your kids living in the “Homeschool Bubble?  Come and hear this thought provoking workshop and discover what the “Bubble” actually is and how to make sure your kids don’t end up in it.  As you learn this material, you’ll discover that God has been on a quest for 4,000 years seeking to reveal His greatest glory.  And He wants all of His children to play their role!  After this seminar, you’ll never see your Bible the same: Guaranteed!  If your child doesn’t understand this 4,000 year plan, they’ll never fully know God’s will for their lives. 

Is Your Motivation for Homeschool God’s?  Primary vs. Secondary

We all have our own motivation for homeschooling.  But is it God’s?  Come and be shocked at what could change your entire motivation for why you do what you do!  

How You Can Homeschool Your Child and Still Lose In The End.

We all know the statistics: Approximately 70% of all Christian high school students ditch God when they go off to college.  Why is that?  Is it possible that what they were taught was not incorrect, but incomplete?  Come and discover how “incomplete” homeschooling can end up having your child “lose in the end.”

“Living To Make God Famous”  Helping Elementary Kids Learn to Live in a Godly Way

In this seminar, you’ll see a general overview of how to train your children to live to make God famous.  They’ll be challenged to make God famous in:  Obeying Their Parents, Doing Their Chores, Respecting Adults, Loving Their Siblings, and much more!  Brand new crafts, games, cartoons and songs point them in this direction!

Learn An Effective Tool For Teaching Your Kids How To Stop Whining and Then Get Them To Obey You as Their Parents!

Whining, as parents, we all hate it.  But how do you stop it?  Come and find a fun and creative way to keep your child from going to the whining zone.  Also discover fun ways to teach them to obey you.  His isn’t rocket science.  In fact, it’s fun and easy.  Come and discover something that could change your children forever.

Cat and Dog Theology

Is it possible that one joke can change your child’s life?  Absolutely!  The joke is simple, “A dog says, ‘You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, you must be God.’  A cat says, ‘You pet me, you feed me, you shelter me, you love me, I must be God.’”  This material helps your child—and you—ask the simple question, “Do I live for God or do I expect God to live for me?”  This material has a PROVEN TRACK RECORD of altering lives around the globe, and is now gaining high momentum among homeschoolers.  Multiple parents are proclaiming, “This material completely changed my child’s life.”

Debby Sjogren - Sessions

Preparing Small Children to be Homeschooled

For almost 20 years, Debby Sjogren has been teaching a seminar called “Parenting Small Children”.  Based on Biblical virtues of “Honor & Respect”, come ready to learn nine standards with practical application ideas for training the heart attitude of your preschoolers so they will be ready and willing to receive your authority as their teacher when they become school-aged.

Lead and Intercede --- Praying for and with Your Children

Having been blessed with four children in six years, Debby Sjogren learned quickly as a mother the importance of praying for her children.  As they began the adventure of homeschooling, she also learned the importance of teaching her children to pray and intercede on a daily basis.  Lots of creative, fun, family-friendly ideas that will inspire your family’s prayer life!

Raising Mission Minded Kids---At Home or At Church

In 1990, Debby Sjogren started The M&M Kids Club at her church to educate children about other cultures, teach them to pray for the world, and inspire them to go to the nations!  Of course, her passion for missions spread into their homeschool as well, thus Debby and her husband have raised four mission-minded kids who have served and lived on several continents.  Come learn many fun, creative ideas that will give the children you teach a heart for the world! 

How Homeschoolers are Changing the World

Debby Sjogren is connected with a ministry that has been training and sending young men and women to serve families overseas in difficult countries through nannying and homeschooling their children. She will share about her homeschooled daughter’s experience plus three other homeschooled graduates that did just that...dedicating a semester or a year to serving the Lord with their time and talents.  She will also help you find out how to get involved if your student wants to invest a semester or more to reveal God's glory in areas of the world where the gospel is virtually unknown.

Living for the Glory of God

With her husband, Bob, and her daughter, Elise, in the past 4 years Debby Sjogren has been busy writing, editing and publishing some of the most creative, life-changing, practical and fun Bible and Character Development curricula on the market for homeschoolers.  Come learn the message behind this madness called Cat and Dog Theology!  Bring your whole family to this workshop as Debby loves speaking to all ages about how to live for the glory of God.

Top Ten Tips for Successfully Graduating Your Child

With 19 years of home education and four homeschool graduates who have successfully been admitted to their chosen universities, Debby Sjogren has learned by success and some failure how to prepare your children to have an amazing high school transcript.  Come listen and learn how you can also best prepare your children for their next level of higher education.

Training Them Up to Serve:

Starting as young as age three, come listen to Debby Sjogren share how God gave her creative ideas to train up children who loved to serve others starting in the family then expanding to their church, community and the world!  Age-appropriate chores, serving the elderly, baking for “new mothers”, tutoring in the inner-city, and taking the good news of Jesus to a waiting world are just a few of the examples you will learn about in this practical and inspiring workshop based on the life of Jesus.