Cheri Frame



Bridging education to vocation to start adult life without college debt is the heartbeat of Credits Before College. From Minnesota, she homeschooled her three children K-12, and is now a speaker, author, and Certified Career Direct® Consultant. Cheri specializes in high school and career advising, as well as helping students maximize their affordable college credit options. She provides one-on-one consulting and shares a wealth of information on her website


Get a Jump Start on College
Many teens are ready to tackle the challenge of college-level learning prior to high school graduation. This workshop shares how to save time and money on college, add instant credibility to your high school transcript, and motivate your teens. Come learn the best ways to earn college credit with CLEP and DSST exams. This workshop has been described as life-changing by both parents and students. 

Teens encouraged to attend.

Roadmap: Mile Markers that Count
Every road trip needs a map. Help your teen get a blazing sense of direction beyond the classroom. This workshop explores 10 essential components, including gap year options, practical experiences, and service opportunities, to bridge the gap between education and employment. Make high school a launching pad. 

Teens encouraged to attend.

Vocation by Design
Choosing a vocation starts with understanding God’s design for work and how you are designed to fit in His plan. It’s a big topic, but it doesn’t have to be a mystery. Parents, be encouraged and equipped to help guide your teens in choosing their vocation. This workshop will take you through the steps in the process of making informed career and educational decisions. 

Teens encouraged to attend.

Skills Beyond a Book
Education is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge today’s marketplace requires, yet it often falls short. This popular seminar shares ideas on how parents can foster these skills through purposeful projects and assignments in their students’ middle and high school years. Whether your teens are applying for their first job, hoping to secure an internship, or preparing for college, developing these 21st-century skills will help them stand out from the crowd. 

Teens encouraged to attend.

You Can Homeschool through High School!
Homeschooling through high school might seem intimidating, but be encouraged! These can be the most enjoyable and influential years you have with your teens. This workshop takes the guess work out of what academics you should build into your 7-12th grade plan. Explore the options to customize your students’ high school years with electives and activities that meet their graduation goals. 

Teens encouraged to attend.

Transcripts and Record Keeping – Making it Simple
Transcripts are not just for college – every student needs one. How to begin? What to include? Understand the essentials of record keeping, the 5 types of records to keep, how to grade, evaluating credits, and preparing a professional looking high school transcript. 

Teens are invited!