Connie Albers



For more than 27 years Connie Albers has been devoted to helping make

homeschooling work for thousands of children and families. Always engaging and encouraging, Connie has a practical point of view and an ability to empathize with audiences by illustrating truths from her own experience.

Connie has become a sought-after speaker and social media advisor in the homeschooling and business community. The desire to connect with homeschoolers also drives Connie to go beyond the microphone and work directly with moms and media. 

Connie shares her experience to equip homeschooling moms in their calling and discover how to build a family that enjoys living life together. Her passion is to strengthen families, especially through the challenging teen years. She considers it a blessing to share the lessons and hope, hard-earned through decades of homeschooling, with the next generation of moms.

General and Leadership Sessions


Starve the Fear

I can’t do this! How can I teach my child when I don’t know Phonics or Physics? Has this thought run through your mind? Connie knows all too well the anxiety surrounding homeschooling. After 21 years of teaching her five children, she is here to proclaim you don’t need a degree; you need determination, discernment, and consistent devotions. Connie will share three truths every parent needs to know to starve the fears and finish well. If you wrestle with fear, you need to come to this presentation. 

NEW! Teach Your Child to Learn Independently

When should I expect my child to do school independently? This is a common question most moms ask. Teaching kids HOW to learn is a skill. This presentation covers practical strategies parents can use to get kids learning on their own without complaining. Come learn how to motivate different learners to tackle school with you. 

New! How to Manage a Bad Day!

Can I have a do over? Do you wish you could hit the reset button? When you have a lousy day, the last thing you want to hear is how you should enjoy every moment. You know they will grow up fast, but you just need to know how to get through today. Connie Albers understands how tough some days or weeks can be for moms. Telling you to enjoy your time might lead to more mom guilt. Causing #momfail! Connie shares practical tips she used while raising five kids and homeschooling five teenagers. You will leave knowing how to manage the bad days well.

New! Simple Tips to Organize Your Home and Enjoy Life

Do you struggle to keep life and school organized? In this presentation you will discover simple strategies for keeping your home organized during the homeschool year. Connie shares her secrets for keeping her sanity while homeschooling five children. No matter how many children you have, how old they are, or, how big your home is, you can stay organized day-in-day-out. Time to bid farewell to chaos! 

NEW! Homeschooling is a Family Affair

Not interested! Does things differently! Do you feel you’re doing all the schooling alone? Do you wish your spouse would help more?  Homeschooling often falls on the shoulders of one parent, which can lead to feelings of resentment or frustration. Connie will share how homeschooling her five children was a family affair. You’ll learn how she asked for help, communicated her needs, and learned to let go of “her” way to allow her husband to join in the fun. 

NEW! Help Your Child Develop a Debt-Free College Mindset

More and more kids are racking up massive student loans these days. Debt can cripple students for years, even decades after graduation. Come find out how Connie and her husband, Tom, put five kids through college with no credit card debt, no student loans, and no college pre-paid programs. After having kids in college for eleven consecutive years, nine of which included having two or three enrolled at the same time, Connie shares how she did it and how you can do it too. Come ready to start creating a debt-free college mindset during the teen years.

NEW! You Can Trust Your Gut

Should I lighten up? Am I expecting too much? Homeschool moms have a habit of doubting their ability to teach their smart child, their average child, and their struggling learner. They wonder if they are disciplining their children enough, or too much. Rest, weary mom! Those children belong to Him. He is the architect, not you! He knows the plans for each child. If you are in need of honest refreshment, join Connie. You’ll leave knowing God will lead you. You can trust your instincts.  

NEW! Resilient and Resourceful: Keys to Affording the Homeschool Lifestyle

After homeschooling five children, getting each one through college, and managing to build a retirement fund in the process, Connie shares her secrets. She knows homeschooling isn’t cheap. But it doesn’t have to break the budget. She discusses how rising costs, tough times, and financial shortfalls are typical to families. While it’s true your money doesn’t seem to go as far as it once did, it is possible to afford the call to homeschool. This presentation is packed full of practical information to help you continue your homeschool journey without going broke.

From Notebooking to Online Classes

Connie has navigated the seasons of homeschooling for 27 years. Her knowledge of teaching children according to their strengths and learning style, as well as understanding your teaching style, make her a conference favorite. This presentation addresses how to assess what is best for your child and your family from the experience of a mom of five homeschool graduates. She shares stories from what her kids taught her about what worked and what didn’t. Hint: every child is different!


Equipped to Be… Able to Overcome

When God calls you to positions of servant leadership, He always equips you for the job. This calling will have its challenges, though. However, you can rest confidently knowing you are able to overcome anything that comes your way. If you feel ill-equipped to lead or not able to overcome the trials that come with leadership, then join Connie Albers as she encourages you through God’s Word how to navigate your calling well. Come prepared to learn and ready to complete your assignment well.

Create a Vision 

Does your leadership team have a unified vision for your organization? Being clear about who your group is and what it offers is critical to serving the families in the homeschool community. In this presentation, Connie Albers will walk you through the process of creating a vision that keeps your organization and its members on the same track.

How to Engage with Your Group Online

Is your online strategy working? Do you feel overwhelmed? Do you believe there has to be a more efficient way to reach homeschoolers online? How you get your message heard in a sea of competing voices doesn’t happen by chance. Join Connie Albers as she shares how to create messaging that not only inspires, but makes people want to join your group. Bring your questions as we will have time for Q & A. 

Choosing Great Leaders

Do want to build a leadership team that works together to serve homeschoolers? Join Lifework Leadership coach and national homeschool leader Connie Albers as she teaches you the essential elements for choosing great leaders to serve alongside you. Leadership is more than a title; it’s an opportunity to serve the Lord and others as you use your gifts and talents. Come leader what to look for in a leadership candidate.  

Social Media for Your Group

Have you ever thought there must be a better way to manage social media without it consuming your life? In this presentation, Connie Albers will introduce you to tips and tools that can improve reach, reduce stress, and help you stop spinning your wheels trying to learn social media mood swings and Facebook algorithms so you can reach your community in less time. 

The Power of Words in Leadership

Do you ever wonder why your words don’t motivate or inspire others? You’re not alone. God’s Word has a lot to say about our words. Hint: It’s not always what you say that’s the problem. Being an effective leader requires us to pay attention to what people hear rather than what you have to say. Connie Albers, a trusted leader, shares how you can get others to what you have to say and improve your leadership.

Social Media Sessions

Facebook, Snapchat, and all those Apps: What’s a Family To Do?

As parents, we diligently try to protect our children from the dangers of the Internet world. We avoid sleepovers, smartphones, and social media but what do you do when all of their friends are online or when they have to take an online class? What do you do when your child asks you to download an app, or you discover a hidden app on their phone? Connie tackles the world of apps and social media in a way that prepares you to confidently navigate this uncharted territory with wisdom and knowledge. 

NEW! How to Create a Positive Social Media Footprint

If you are like most parents, you are concerned about what your kids are posting online. No doubt, social media is a powerful platform that isn’t going away. While more and more kids are seeking relationships online, you can teach them how to create a positive profile that may influence the next generation. For the past fifteen years, Connie has been teaching kids and parents how to use social media as a tool for the Kingdom, why they need to create an appealing social profile that colleges and employers desire, and when to promote causes they are passionate about. If you want to learn from a mother who has successfully navigated the social media maze and taught thousands of teens and parents, this presentation is for you.

NEW! Is Google, Facebook, Apple, and Amazon after your Kids’ Heart? 

Studies show an alarming number of teens are addicted to online usage. You might not have devices in your home, but that doesn’t mean your teens are protected. Connie will unpack what the four online giants are doing to families.  

"Tweens and Teens"

Remaining Steadfast During High School 

It’s often hard to stay the course during the high school years. Everything is changing: the rules, the requirements, and the relationship. Your teen is changing. The rules aren’t working like they once did.  So why is staying the course through the teen years the most critical and crucial years of your homeschooling journey? Connie will unpack this question during this presentation. She knows kids need you to be the steady force in their life. When you understand how to navigate the teen years they can be the most rewarding years of your parenting journey. 

Time to Discover What's Right with Your Middle School Child

Have you caught yourself thinking, “What happened to my child?” Your once thoughtful, gentle, compliant child has gone missing, and you are trying to learn about this new person. God designed this season of transitioning from child to young adult. They stop needing a mommy and start needing a mentor. As a parent, you are the best mentor they could have. In this presentation, Connie will focus on tools that will increase your understanding of how God made your child, and you. Join her to discover what is “right” with your middle schooler.

NEW! Life After Graduation: How to Help Your Child Choose the Next Step

You’ve probably been asked “what’s next?” for your child for years. Like most parents, you felt confident your child would figure it out, but that doesn’t always happen. As a mother of five homeschool and college grads, Connie felt the same tension with each child. Many homeschool children aren’t sure what path to take. Learn “what now?” from someone who has been there. Join Connie for the practical and encouraging presentation. 


What if I Ruin My Child?

Have you wondered if homeschooling would ruin your child? If you answered yes, then take comfort you are not alone. Most parents struggle at some point with this thought. After all, parenting is “on the job” training. When Connie started homeschooling 27 years ago, that is what she thought as well. During this presentation, parents will learn truths from a mom who knows you are not ruining your child.

NEW! Words Matter: The Importance of 

having Critical Conversations

Our words have power. As a parent, the conversations we have with our children will impact and shape our relationship and influence our children for years to come, and possibly a lifetime. These productive discussions are the keys to building a close-knit family. After 30 years of parenting and working with teens, Connie understands how to set the tone of your home with the power of your words. Let’s become life-giving home builders.

New! You Can Cultivate Close Sibling Friendships

Do you wonder if your children will always fight and argue? Do you fear they will leave home resentful or disliking each other? During your time together, Connie will share how she intentionally parented her five children and helped them forge lifelong friendships with each other during her homeschool journey. She believes homeschooling is the perfect environment to nurture sibling relationships. 

NEW! How to Sail Through Life's Storms  

Let’s be real. Life is full of storms. Sometimes it can feel like you’re trying to survive each day. Living beyond survival mode requires being honest about the issues that your family faces, and being reminded of the power that comes from the One who can help you sail through them. Learning to navigate stormy waters requires uncommon bravery. We watch how others turn around and get tossed back and forth with every crashing wave. But when faith finds its feet in the hearts of women, Connie believes we will stop merely surviving and start sailing through each storm with confidence. Getting to the heart is one of the key strategies for developing the bravery needed to sail slow and steady. Could you use some encouragement for the assignment God has given you? Join us as we learn how to stop fearing the next wave.

NEW! Routine, Rules, Relationships 

You know kids need to learn the 3 Rs to be successful adults, but what about helping them become emotionally mature adults? Connie shares from the unique vantage point of having raised five children into adulthood. The insights she has gleaned from personal one-on-one conversations with her adult children will encourage and equip you to create routines, rules, and relationships with your children that reach beyond academics. In this presentation, Connie will unpack how to include Biblical 3 Rs in your busy homeschool day. 

NEW! Establishing Rules and Rhythms 

After 27 years of serving homeschoolers, Connie has a lot to say about establishing rules and building routines into your day. She shares practical tips to help you learn how to create rhythm in your home that can transform your family’s life and keep kids motivated from year to year. If you want results but struggle to build in routines and rhythms in your school, this presentation is for you. 

New! Rules - Relationship = Rebellion

Have you made a list of rules only to get discouraged when your teen doesn’t follow them? Do you feel your attempts to create close relationships seem one-sided? Rest assured mom; you aren’t alone. While every family needs rules to maintain order, they cannot cost us our relationship. It’s not the rules that cause our child to rebel; often something else is missing. Connie Albers, the mother of five adult children, will share three principles designed to reduce rebellion and strengthen your relationship. 


NEW! Courageous Confidence

Do you have the confidence needed to homeschool your child? If you’re like most parents, the answer is “I’m not sure.” Connie Albers understands how you feel. She battled the confidence fear for twenty-one years. Confidence is often one trait that is lacking when parents homeschool. With more than 27 years of working in the homeschool community, Connie will share real-life examples and how she used God’s Word to overcome the confidence deficit. She wants you to homeschool with courageous confidence to complete the call as you teach and train your child. 

NEW! I Appreciate You, Mom!

What do you want your children to say about their homeschool journey when it ends? “Thank God it’s over” or “Thank you God for my parent’s investment in my life?” During Connie’s homeschool years she often wondered what her kids would say, too. She knows our success can be measured in large part by what our kids tell their friends or their college professors. Bring your tissues as Connie shares personal stories designed to encourage you to hang in there. You’ll learn how God uses the little things to forge lasting memories that might be shared in a freshman English class! 

NEW! It’s a Relationship Not a Religion: How to Raise Godly Kids in an Anti-God Culture

As a mother of five adult children, Connie knows how hard it is to teach children the difference between knowing God and knowing about God. In the presentation, Connie pulls back the curtain and reveals what she learned along the bumpy road. She will share how her faithfulness, discernment, and perseverance allowed God to work in the heart of each of her children.  Connie shares how the times of doubt and rebellion during the teen year, brought her to the foot of the Cross. If you are concerned about your child, this presentation will encourage your heart.  

Help for Modern Day Mompreneurs 

The rise of Mompreneurs in the homeschooling community requires diligence if we want to achieve a healthy balance between homeschooling, work, and family needs. As a mother of five, active volunteer, business owner, and veteran homeschooler, Connie Albers discusses how to efficiently delegate, set realistic goals, and find work that fits the homeschooling lifestyle. During this presentation, she will share with you how to manage your homeschool and evaluate your workload so that your family runs smoothly. Come and learn from a mom who has lost the balance battle many times, but her resilient spirit, desire to finish well, and not short her family, will help you in your mompreneur journey.

I’m More than a Homeschool MOM!

My kids always need me! As a mom, we spend most of our days caring for everyone else. But what about you? You can’t pour into others from an empty pitcher. Being a mom is more than cooking meals, doing laundry, teaching Algebra and shuttling kids from co-op to soccer practice. As a mom who homeschooled all five of her children, she knows how quickly the years pass, and how important it is for mom to recharge her spiritual, emotional, and physical batteries. During this session you learn from a mom who has lived it and knows the tools needed to balance the demands of life, school, and family. You can manage it all without losing your identity.

Equipped To Be

Ever feel like you are not doing enough, or doing it all wrong? If you are like Connie, you’d be nodding your head right now. Comparison, doubt, fear, and regret are familiar to homeschool moms. We scroll through Facebook, view Pinterest, read our favorite blog, and then get discouraged and go to bed feeling like failures. Your online friends seem to be doing everything, and all you accomplished was the direct time-outs, oh, and maybe math. You will learn to relax knowing you are equipped to be what God has called you to do. You will leave this presentation confident that God equips those He called. You don’t want to miss this presentation.

Your Life’s Great Work: Building Your Close Family 

Let’s face it, being a mom in today’s culture is not exactly viewed as great work. In fact, it’s often looked down upon as something menial. Or a task that can be outsourced. The truth is, the world has missed the real value of a mom. Connie Albers declares there is nothing you can do that will matter more than investing in your family. As a mother of five adult children, she offers truths from God’s Word that will reaffirm God’s calling on your role as a mother. Connie will come alongside you, to speak life-giving words designed to encourage your heart. Her passion for following the Lord and pouring truth into women inspires others to press on in their life's greatest work as well.

God, Help Me Love Your Little Blessings!

Have you asked God to help you love an unnamed child lately? You know the one that drives you crazy doesn’t get their school work done, or has to have the last word? Connie did. As a mother of five, Connie shares truths about understanding the uniqueness of that child and what God wants you to learn about yourself in the process. This presentation is for any mom trying to love the child she has not the one she wishes for.


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