Frederic Gray



Frederic Gray is enthusiastic about helping and empowering families. As the founder of the Fathers of Faith & Daughters of Excellence Retreat, he has spoken for homeschooling groups, state and local conventions, family camps and retreats across the country. As a marriage coach, Frederic provides teaching and support to couples through his Magnetic Marriage seminars hosted by churches and private groups across the country. He lives to help people create dynamic personal and family relationships with God as the center. 

Frederic and his wife, Heather, are the homeschool parents of six beautiful children.

2020 Workshops

How to Meet the 6 Homeschooling Needs God Gave Your Children

There are six homeschooling needs that God gave your children…and I can prove it. Are you meeting them all? Whether you know what they are or not, it doesn’t matter. If you want to revolutionize your family homeschooling experience and transform it into something dynamic and life-changing, come to this talk. I will show you how to meet all six of the homeschooling needs God gave your children.

The Gideon Factor—The Greatest Gift You Can Give Your Homeschooled Children

While we get caught up in the day-to-day decisions of homeschooling, it may be easy to lose the big picture. Employing the Gideon Factor will help you crystallize your main objective in homeschooling, and will be the greatest gift you ever give your children. Whether you are a new or veteran home educator, the Gideon Factor will help you sharpen your focus and empower your children to be the best they can be.

Teaching Purity to Your Children

In a world where purity seems to be a virtue that is becoming obsolete, it is more urgent than ever that we as parents help our children live lives of purity—both inwardly and outwardly. Find out how to teach purity to your children, and how you can take advantage of the opportunities inherent in homeschooling to do it.

How to Love Your Homeschooling Wife like Christ Loved the Church

How can you be a blessing to your wife and empower her to connect with her God-given potential in homeschooling? Love her with the love that turned the world upside down. As a homeschooling mom, she needs it! Come learn how to love your wife with the most powerful, transformative love the world has ever seen.

The ABC’s of Homeschooling

This talk goes over the do’s and don’ts of homeschooling. And right away, I guarantee that either you personally, or someone you personally know, are doing the don’ts! Addressing your relationship with your spouse and children, as well as your attitude toward the way you homeschool, this talk will help you see any mistakes you might be making that are right under your nose. It will also help you recognize opportunities right in front of you that you might have otherwise missed.

3 Keys to Courageous Leadership 

Everyone reaches a point where they must lead. But how? How do you lead a group of people when you feel like you are learning yourself? And how do you do it in a way that fits you. Following the most powerful and dynamic leader ever, Jesus, learn how to lead your group, or your family, no matter how humble your beginnings are. 

Homeschooling is a Journey, not a Destination…So Hang in There!

Deciding to homeschool is only the beginning of the journey. As you travel on your own personal homeschooling journey, you will face many detours, road blocks, flat tires, empty gas tanks, bad weather, and maybe a not-so-willing travel companion (or more). Don’t turn back! This talk will help you put gas back in your tank, navigate obstacles and storms, and engage the whole crew. Come hear how you can not only reach your destination but enjoy the journey!

Winning the Hearts of Your Children Using God’s Word in Home education

Have you ever felt like you were in a rut? Have you ever felt like the ritual of routines took priority over the hearts in the home? What's the point of home education if our hearts aren't connected with the hearts of our children? Do you have their hearts? Do they have yours? Come hear how to win the hearts of your children through homeschooling.

If Homeschooling is so Great, Then why am I so Frustrated?

Do you remember that day? The definitive day you decided you were going to homeschool your children? If you were excited then, what happened? Why has this thing called homeschooling, which once excited you, now become so frustrating? Come and discover the distinction that can help you rediscover the excitement you once had.

A Dad’s Duty: Balancing Teaching and Discipline (guidance and boundaries)

“Homeschooling…that’s my wife’s thing.” Dads across the country are more than ever getting involved in their family’s home education. But as that happens, there are a lot of assumptions, miscommunications, and a whole lot of questions about how to get involved. Moms, come with your husbands so you can encourage them to take an active role in your family educational journey.

Why God Has a Special Place in His Heart for Homeschooling Moms 

Have you ever wondered why Jesus’ first miracle was turning water to wine? Come to this talk, and find out—and also find out why God has a special place in his heart for homeschooling moms. Trust me…this talk will blow you away, and have you feeling touched to your core with God’s special love for you…and why God will bring blessings into your private little homeschooling family. 

Why Every Homeschooled Daughter Needs Her Dad

In the book, Strong Fathers, Strong Daughters, Dr. Meg Meeker points out that dads start pulling away from their daughters as they transition into their teen years. They hug them differently, or not at all. They talk to them differently, or less than before. This creates a spiral that affects his daughter and how loved by him she feels. Find out why every homeschooled daughter needs her dad and what to do about it.

How to Grow  Both Sides of  Your Child’s Brain by Having Them Do Two Simple Things Students Used to Do, and by Playing a Game’’

“Are you left-brained or right-brained?” Is that the only question we ask about such things? But, what if there was a way to stimulate your whole brain, both sides at the same time, to harness it’s collective power to increase learning, as well as physical health and emotional happiness? Come find out the three main things you can have your children do to stimulate this growth, and harness whole brain power.

Fighting for Your Special Needs Child

In our journey of dealing with Apraxia with our son, we learned a lot about how to navigate the waters of educating a special needs child.  From private therapy, to trying to use public school resources, to wondering where the money was going to come from, we learned a ton. This talk is about sharing the lessons we’ve learned with you to speed up your learning curve, and to encourage you with the blessings that come with special needs children.