Holly Giles



Holly is a wife, mother and storyteller. She has a passion for helping families discover their own learning style and use it to nurture their children's God-given gifts. The importance of a strong family relationship is woven in each message. Holly gleans from her own life with boys, embracing the outdoors and navigating the challenges of a special needs child, to tell stories, woven with humor, that are sure to encourage the weariest of souls. Nature is her springboard to inspire you to a more abundant life at home. Holly is the author of Blaze New Trails, creator of the Learning Lifestyle Revival, and opens her home and life to you at thegilesfrontier.com.

2018 Workshops

Whole Family Learning Series

Embracing Childhood Passions and How to Target Their Talents

How do you help your child find their God-given talents and skills to help them succeed? Join Holly for this personal time of sharing and learn how, just like her, how you can embrace non-traditional education methods and use your child's passions to teach. You will be encouraged to look to your own family life and find sparks and glimmers of skills, along with tools you can use to motivate your children beyond paper and pen.

Whole Family Learning

Early in her home-school journey, Holly struggled with traditional learning. In the search for the "perfect" curriculum, she discovered the key hidden within in the success of pioneering home-school families. By weaving daily life with the rhythm of nature, and using community and natural resources, a path for life changing education was forged. Using your family's interests to educate and  life skills blended with real world opportunities can provide a natural education for your children. Holly shares how you can revive your spark for whole family learning.

How to Have Fun Outdoors When You Don't Like Getting Dirty

Nature is a gift to explore. As a mom on a mission to bring back a vital part of childhood, Holly shares simple tips and ideas to get you in your backyard, out in the community and on the trail of loving nature. This session will breathe fresh air and perspective in your home-school day. The whole family will find new treasures with these seven simple ways to find nature in everyday life. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or prefer the comforts of the indoors, you will not want to miss this fun, informative session!

Parenting and Motherhood Series

What To Do When You Want To Quit

Life can be a challenge in itself. Add in family, marriage, learning challenges and laundry and the joy in our days can disappear fast. Days when you want to give it all up can creep in and take over. Listen as Holly shares humorous, real life stories of how God has helped her find joy in spite of never-ending piles of laundry and dirty floors, time and again. (Surviving Exhausting Joy)

Parenting Your Kids with Wild Abandon

A Have you ever noticed that children are fearless in their curiosity? Their wonder of the world inspires their daily pursuits. Many times as adults, our fearlessness turns to a fear of failure, not measuring up or falling behind. Join Holly for this informative session on how to break free from the pressures of today's society, keep your family focused on what matters most, and stay on the path of God's design for educating with wild abandon

Lessons from the Prairie

Roughing it in the pioneering days can't hold a candle to the modern conveniences of life we enjoy today. Yet somehow fast-paced living and being stretched thin has a price. Join Holly for a walk back in time and good ole-fashioned advice from Laura Ingalls wilder herself, on how to slow down, choose simplicity, and enjoy your family right now.

Taking Back Childhood for a Better Future

Children are born seeing the world as a natural place to learn. Our modern day society has replaced this instinct with passive instruction with devastating results. What if we narrowed our focus and nurtured our children's natural desires to learn? Holly offers practical tips through her art of storytelling, to take back childhood, let your children play into the teenage years, and develop passions that produce success.

Difficult Seasons and Special Needs Series

Parenting on a Firm Foundation Through Seasons of Change

Start where you are, use what you have, and believe that you can. Planning your year with this motto will bring simplicity to your days. Holly shares stories of difficulty, chaos, and the extraordinary, that led families to change their learning lifestyle and create a unique vision for their future. Embracing seasons of change can help you stay on track and not derail your family.

Navigating your New World with a "different" child

From a mother's perspective, Holly reveals how she pursued her gut instincts, handled her child's diagnosis, moved through anger and tamed her fears. She shares personal stories of difficult days of dealing with her child as well as family members. Move through the years with Holly on how to talk with your child about their needs, seeing hope and recovery when you are told there isn't any and realizing each child is created for a purpose. 

Discover Your Potential as a Special Needs Parent

Sometimes we feel unequipped to meet the challenges of our children. Busy schedules, endless appointments, lessons to plan and accommodations to make. Share in Holly's journey as she reveals how God had been preparing her since childhood to face the challenges of parenting with special needs. Holly will encourage and inspire you in the valuable sessions to see how YOU have been prepared all along for this journey. She shares tools to help you move our children forward to uncover their gifts and talents.

Leadership and Motivational Series

Reviving Your Spirit of Leadership

Leadership can be exhausting, leaving you feeling overworked and under-appreciated. Holly shares her comical and humbling experiences of serving others that will revive your calling to lead and bring refreshment into your service.