Rick Green



Rick Green is a former Texas State Representative, national speaker, author, and radio host. Rick & his family travel the nation speaking on America’s forgotten history and heroes, with an emphasis on our moral, religious and constitutional heritage. Rick and David Barton co-host the national daily radio program, WallBuilders Live!

Rick is the author and executive producer of Constitution Alive, America’s most

engaging and entertaining study of the U.S. Constitution. Rick & his wife, Kara, founded Patriot Academy, an elite leadership training program specializing in applied civics with a Biblical, historical, & Constitutional Foundation.

Rick & Kara have 4 kids and have homeschooled for 17 years. The Green Family is here to challenge each of us to do our part in preserving and passing the torch of freedom by living out our liberty as the founding fathers



Restoring American Exceptionalism One Family At A Time

With passion and humor, Rick outlines the timeless principles of liberty which allowed America to become the most successful nation in history; not perfect, not infallible, and certainly not indestructible, but something exceptional & extraordinary… truly unique in all of history. Rick and his kids will share powerful stories and principles from Legends of Liberty throughout history and then leave the audience with specific action steps for applying those principles to our personal and family lives while preserving them for future generations. 


In this most popular of Rick’s presentations, Rick shares a look at our founding fathers, our courts, and our founding documents to take a historical perspective on the current debate regarding whether or not our nation was founded on Biblical principles and how that founding should affect current public policy, and whether our faith should be part of both our private and public lives.

Teaching Civics in a Fun & Purposeful Way (yes, you can do both!) 

Government, history, economics…these topics usually put students AND parents to sleep, yet they are some of the most important things we’ll teach if we expect the next generation to be good citizens and preserve the republic. In this presentation, Rick shares tips and methods for bringing history and civics to life, keeping it fun, engaging the students, seeking truth, and making the lessons count for generations to come.

Restoring America’s Constitution

A 50-minute crash course in the Constitution, including an explanation of the Constitution versus the COURTstitution and how we can restore our Constitutional Republic.

Raising Leaders with Moral Clarity in a World of Moral Relativism Homeschooling parents are well aware of the shocking statistics of how many of our kids walk away from the faith and values upon which they were raised. The world around them has embraced moral relativism. If the Biblical values that built western civilization are to be restored, the next generation must be equipped to be counter-culture revolutionaries for truth, justice, and the old American way.

Lessons from Legends of Liberty

Have you ever desired to learn from the legends of history? Straight from Rick’s new book collaborating with David Barton, Cliff Graham, Brad Stine, & others, this presentation will bring to life stories of courage, mentorship & virtue from the new book Legends of Liberty! Learn from these legends and how to emulate their world changing actions in our own personal lives and circles of influence. 

The Power of Purposeful Communication Skills

Regardless of the particular passion God has placed in your child, being successful in any profession depends greatly upon the ability to communicate effectively. As a leader, one must learn how to speak the language of your audience and present your message in a way that allows them to perceive and understand the exact purpose of your communication. In this workshop, Rick will give students and parents specific tools and skills to start them on a road to mastering effective communication skills.

Teen Workshop


Why is the American value system any better than any other? Have Americans been fooling themselves with delusions of grandeur? Or is there actually something different, something special, about being an American? If so, what is it and what is the duty of each citizen to preserve it during their generation?

Comedy and the Constitution Family Event