Dr. Scott Turansky and Joanne Miller, RN, BSN



Dr. Scott Turansky and his wife, Carrie, have five children. Josh is married to Melinda and they have three children. Melissa is a registered nurse, married to Peter, and works in New York City for a foundation that provides economic aid to African countries. Ben is married to Galan. He is a US Marine stationed in North Carolina and they have two children. Megan and Elizabeth are twins, working full time as pet groomers and living nearby. Scott has co-authored fifteen books on parenting and speaks around the country teaching parenting seminars in churches and schools. He and Joanne use humor, practical stories, and the scriptures to teach biblical principles of parenting.

Joanne Miller, RN, BSN and her husband, Ed, have two grown sons, Dave and Tim. Joanne has been a pediatric nurse since 1986 and is a public speaker. She is a co-author, with Scott of “Parenting is Heart Work,” along with several other books on parenting. She delights in helping children change their hearts, not just their behavior.

Dr. Turansky and Mrs. Miller are the co-founders of the National Center for Biblical Parenting, an organization that offers Christian Parenting Conferences and biblical parenting resources for churches and individual parents. They also started Biblical Parenting University to provide online biblical training for parents, Sunday School teachers and Christian School teachers.

The Turanskys and the Millers have been in ministry together since 1988. They teach parenting seminars as outreach to the community through churches all over the US. Their books, videos, workbooks, and parent training materials focus on the heart to help children make lasting changes. Using drama, stories, and the scriptures they give parents the practical help they can use right now.


Workshops can be tailored to meet the needs of your audience.

Anger, ADHD, Lying, Disrespect…HELP!

Our culture puts tremendous pressure on our kids. Many are acting out. Many are falling apart inside. Anxiety, depression, defiance, bullying, arguing… the problems are deep and complicated. Where do we start to help these kids? Come hear practical heart-based strategies to bring healing and encouragement to today’s children of any age with any problem.

What Parents Want vs What Parents Need

Parenting is tough. Moms and dads are often at a loss to motivate kids and keep them on track. What do they do? They come to you for help. But what can you do in the few hours each month you see these kids. Parents don’t need more consequences, they need tools and strategies that look at the child’s heart first, and then bring vision and training into the picture.

Changing the Culture – Energizing Parents as Spiritual Trainers

Parents are the primary spiritual trainers of their kids but their strategy often relies on the church to do the teaching. How can you get parents more involved both on Sunday and throughout the week in the spiritual training of their children?

The Powerful 5-Letter Word for Children

Some kids just seem to drain the energy right out of your classroom. But what if you could teach this child a whole new perspective on life. Moving away from the over used correction strategies that have a tendency to build walls, give this child, and your whole classroom a vision for a new way of thinking and acting.

National Center for Biblical Parenting

Equipping parents and those who serve them to empower children to thrive using a heart-based approach. Biblical, practical tools maximize change in a child’s heart and parents are the best counselors for their children if they have a good plan.