Tyler Hogan



Tyler Hogan is the president and chief curriculum designer at Bright Ideas Press. He and his wife, Helen, are both homeschool graduates and now homeschool their four adorable children. Tyler is an author, speaker, cartographer, and game designer. He teaches about homeschooling, geography, the arts, worldview, entrepreneurship, and other topics. He serves as president of Grace for Dover, a nonprofit Christian community development organization. In his spare time, he loves reading good books, playing games with friends, drinking good tea, and enjoying the adventure of lifelong learning. He has a BA in theatre from Belhaven University.

2020 Workshops

Evaluating Your Student’s Writing - A Hands On Workshop

You want your student to become an outstanding communicator, but how do you objectively evaluate their essays and reports? Whether you are a pro at English composition or embarrassed by your own writing, the truth is you can effectively — and objectively — evaluate and grade your student’s writing. This workshop will cover simple tools and rubrics that overcome parental bias and get to the heart of good non-fiction writing and give you a game plan for mastering them. We’ll even look practice using them during the workshop, and answer your burning questions.

A Primer on Learning Styles

Everybody has their own learning & processing style, and it’s not always obvious how to make it work to your advantage. In this workshop, we will discuss the nuts-and-bolts of the different learning, processing, and teaching styles; how to cater to your and your student’s strengths, and strategies for making learning engaging for everyone in your home.

Curating Your Child’s Education

As a parent, you’ve taken responsibility for your child’s education. But does that mean you have to do it all yourself? In this workshop, we’ll learn how to be a good curator of your child’s education and the pros and cons of co-ops, online classes, dual enrollment, and many other learning options. What should (and should not) be delegated? Come learn how to make optimized decisions for your family.

Loving Geography—Even If You Can’t Fold A Map!

Geography is one of the most under taught subjects, but in a world where long distance is a thing of the past, it is perhaps one of the most crucial topics for us to understand. The good news is that the study of the earth—its structure and inhabitants—is not only fascinating, but also easy to integrate into your homeschool. In this workshop, you will find a vision for teaching geography, as well as creative, enjoyable ways to enhance your teaching in every subject.

History Starts Here: Digging Into The Past

Teaching history doesn’t have to be hard. This workshop will show you how to make history fun, relevant, and memorable—from the ancients to modern days. Dig into timelines, maps, hands-on projects, teaching methods, and more! Learn how to ignite your students’ love of learning and marvel at the hand of God together through your study of history.

Confessions Of A Homeschool Graduate

Homeschoolers can thrive after leaving the nest, but it doesn’t happen automatically. These five principles from a homeschool grad (now a homeschool dad) could make all the difference

Mixed Messages: Teaching Kids Media Discernment

Kids need to learn how to navigate their media-saturated world, and this workshop will give you the tools you need to pass on biblical wisdom about what we watch, read, listen to, and play.

Writing Boot Camp For The Almost-Graduated

Don’t settle for being a pretty good writer—become an outstanding communicator! Whether you’re polishing a bibliography for that 10-page research paper you just wrote or you’re putting your résumé together for the job fair on Tuesday, college- and career-bound homeschoolers need impeccable writing skills. This workshop will explain what skills colleges and employers expect and give you a game plan for mastering them.

What Is Enough?

Do you wrestle with guilt or anxiety that you’re not doing enough to prepare your kids for adulthood? Do you struggle with setting realistic goals, or wonder if you’ll really be able to teach them everything they need to know? In this opening keynote to the Embark conference, we’ll address those concerns with simple, practical wisdom that will enable you to know with confidence what constitutes enough. We will introduce sample academic, spiritual, and vocational goals for your teens and learn how to ditch the guilt, identify your next steps, and cultivate an enough identity.