Valerie Felder



Valerie is a Family Team Builder whose life journey demonstrates God’s call to grow and serve. She survived, a child in a Chicago ghetto, where her parents taught her to be in that world, but not of it.  After earning a math degree and Air Force officer commission, she served to the rank of captain.  She later transitioned to be a home-schooling mom, incorporating team-winning military concepts of integrity, accountability, respect and responsiveness mixed with a mother’s loving heart to help shape her own family team of 9 children. Valerie and her husband have home schooled for over 26 years, molding the family for service.  They team up to help her “feed God’s sheep” as Valerie also serves as an adjunct professor, teaching female inmates college business communications skills. They work onsite with her as she fitness trains 60 to 99-year old seniors in her SeniorFit program.  They support her as she educates expectant couples as a natural childbirth instructor. She is a nationally certified personal trainer and Black Belt martial artist who loves doing fitness with her family.  Valerie and her husband Lee have graduated 5 of their children, with 4 still in their nest.  They enjoy loving on their close-knit family and their very perfect grandson.

Home School Related Sessions

Organize Me!  Addressing the Dread of Disorganized Living

If we don’t believe in the Big Bang Theory – that order came from disorder to establish life, then why do we try to make it work in our home life?  This session celebrates and dissects the incredible blueprint God really did give us on how to establish greater order in our homes.  


Minding the Muddle to School Multiple Children in Multiple Grades with Just One Teacher
When you answered the call to home school your children, you essentially became the bus driver, nurse, school counselor, and financier, among other roles.  With all those responsibilities, how is it possible to school numbers of children at different academic levels?  This session offers creative solutions from one mother of 9 children who was determined not to lose her mind nor waste her children’s in that challenge.  Let Valerie share real strategy to help you masterfully wade through the waters of your own multi-faceted schooling experience. 

Home “A-lonely”:  Helping the Stay-at-Home Home School Mom Cope with Isolating Aspects of Her Calling.  Home School conferences are venues that bustle with the excitement of numerous families convening to celebrate the ministry to home educate their children.  After the last workshop ends and families return to their homes, the real work of dealing with the solitude of the task begins.  It is critical to support and encourage such moms to persistent in their work, enabling them to feel the community of support even as they function alone with their children.  Learn survive and thrive techniques from Valerie, a military wife who often found herself in remote settings lending little connectivity with other home school moms.  This is a session that will encourage the heart of every home schooling mother to stay the course.

How to Survive as a Home School Family in Economic Hardship.
What does a home schooling family do if the primary breadwinner loses their job?  How do you feed and clothe a family when funding is strained?  Where do you turn for delights when even the dollar menu costs more than you can spare?  These are only some of the questions Valerie answers in this session that helps families deal with the strain of job loss or commuter family status.  Her humorous storytelling knack highlights the extraordinary hardships experienced by her family in ways that take the sting out of similar misery shared by others.  It also makes it easier for families facing dread economic situations to reflect on their circumstances with hope and ready solutions.  The bottom line shared is that there is a purpose as well as blessing in our storms.

Out of Time at Daybreak.  
If you’ve ever awakened and found yourself in a mad dash to get it all done, you need to be refreshed and encouraged by this program.  Valerie helps parents focus on how to avoid burnout in the task of home schooling while also running a household.  Critical looks are taken at effective structuring of the home to produce the best outcome with maximal family involvement.  Valerie, a mother of 9, found herself facing many a breathless morning until realizing the liberating truths about God’s Word on the matter.   Learn lessons on how to maintain peace in the rigors of the home schooling task.

A Loving Place Called Home.
As parents who home educate our children, we often face the unpleasant task of correction for both character and academic flaws.  It is critical, however, that we do not lose focus of our parenting role to love.  An adjunct professor who is often held to rigorous teaching schedules, Valerie relates the importance of maintaining an environment of grace that offers nurture.  Parents are led to focus on their own personalities and practices, to best consider how to disciple their children.  

Back to Basics

Tuff Mama Time:  Raising Children without Losing Your Focus and Your Mind.  Parenting is tough work that requires plenty of a parent’s time, attention and energy.  Often moms are in that key position to “be there” for their children.  This program offers guidance to the mother who desires to parent with results while also meeting their own needs.  Valerie, mother of 9, presents strategies she used and perfected to help mothers discover how to structure home with healthy balance that best serves everyone in the family. 


Getting Children to Help More at Home with Less Push-back.  There comes a time in the life of a family when the helpless infant transforms from one whose care requires total responsibility of others and into one who shares in carrying out family responsibilities.  This process can be accomplished gradually, with minimal negative, if done with positive and purposeful parenting methods.  Valerie, mother of 9, teaches parents key strategies that produce children who help more with less negative attitude.  


Opening the Door for Better Communications in Your Family.  A family with members who freely chat with one another is one with closer and more intimate bonds.  Parents are challenged to learn how to “get there”, even as they sometimes deal with varied and strained personalities within the home.  Presenter Valerie Felder, a Toastmaster gold-level communicator and TI clubs past-president teaching keen communications techniques to business men and women, spent decades as a mother in the trenches effectively delivering the same to her 9 children.  This program embodies her winning communications plan and tools she designed that produces a very engaging family.  

Managing Your Family to Succeed like a Fortune 500 Company.  Any successful Fortune 500 company boasts specific infrastructure and operational order.  Every member is aware of business flow and objectives; they then have greater confidence in and expressed buy-in for that company.  When a family is viewed similarly, parents must operate with utmost effectiveness for family success.  This program, presented by a former military officer and mother of 9 exceptional children, presents strategy and tools to help parents discover ways to structure their home and life for greater results, much like any successful company would.  

Just Be (Women’s Retreat).
A mother can feel as if she is on call 24/7, 365 days every year.  With so many demands regularly upon her, it feels impossible to take time out for herself to simply commune with Jesus.  This retreat is a time of rejuvenation for women seeking creative ways to “Just Be” in the Lord’s presence.  Let Valerie entertain and guide your group in ways that reinvigorate unique peace and quiet moments with the Lord.   

Beauty of the Bond

Building Positive Sibling Connections Against What Pulls Them Apart.  Some days, everything from the weather to shoe laces seems to cause siblings to war against one another.  These are times when a parent can find themselves at wits end, constantly playing judge and jury between their warring children.  While some sibling conflict is normal, it is important to prevent damaging escalations.  Valerie’s 5 sons and 4 daughters have given her decades of experience dealing with sibling conflict resolution strategies pointing family members towards better relating.  This program is designed to empower the parent to proactively build peace-making into family routine.

Increasing Times of Family Delights that Encourage Togetherness.  The family that plays together enjoys being together. Take counsel on ways to spend enriching moments with your children from this mother of 9 (five boys and four girls).  From planned engagement to moments of spontaneous fun, see how to easily transform your home into a place of shared delight for you and your children.  


Maintaining Healthy Family Bonds with your Adult Children.  The seasons of parenting include early times of learning the ways of your infant/young child, and then adjusting as they grow.  In this program, parents are empowered to continue growing relationship with their adult children, maintaining healthy bonds for life beyond their childhood.  Let Valerie, mother of 9 (over half being adult) help you transition your parenting into this next critical phase of life as you learn to enjoy bonds with your adult children.

Buff the Body

How to Break down Your Schedule to Build Up Your Body.  Parents must be prepared to meet the physical and mental rigors of parenting.  It’s a place where family demands increase as time for self-maintenance decreases.  The first area commonly neglected is usually personal fitness.  Valerie, a black belt martial artist, nationally certified fitness trainer, business woman and mother of 9, presents a program designed to help busy parents build their bodies.  Methods introduced are based on using sensible and quick, powerful and doable, quick-start fitness methods.  Take back your health with this empowering program to build a better you.  

Fitness:  Get Beyond Pitfalls and Disappointments to Benefit Your Body.  Why is it that the fitness industry continues to grow while many of its clients continue to decline in successfully achieving basic fitness goals?  This program is designed to answer that and many other questions as audiences learn how to avoid common pitfalls of fitness.  Asking the right questions, applying right answers, and focusing on the whole person is the basis for concepts presented in this program.  Valerie brings her knowledge as a nationally certified fitness trainer and nutrition coach to empower audiences in real ways to own and then reach their individual fitness goals, with or without gyms and trainers.   


*Devotion in Motion Energizer
The Devotion in Motion program is an interactive session where Valerie leads attendees in mild cardio and stretching.  Attendees are encouraged to bring a water bottle and towel to enjoy this time of doable, targeted movement, combining dance with real fitness routine.  Audiences gain fun as they lose some calories in these sessions. This program is excellent to encourage the fun side of fitness.  Valerie intersperses easy-to-understand data and tricks of her trade as a certified personal trainer to give attendees an edge on their respective fitness journeys.  Since her specialty training is in senior fitness, Valerie is careful to only deliver sessions that are mild and safe for all participants.

*Temple Maintenance (Available as a keynote, breakout session or women’s retreat)
Fitness has never been more enjoyable as it is when Valerie leads a group of women to move their bodies with purpose.  She is a Black Belt martial artist and nationally certified personal trainer who specializes in training special sensitive populations to exercise.  In addition to being mildly interactive and wildly fun, this session is designed to teach women how to achieve sensible functional fitness goals.  Staying fit is a key requirement to effectively carry out ministry for the Lord.

* Please first consult with your physician before starting any exercise program

Additional Sessions

Be Ready to Give an Answer as a Confident and Credible Public Speaker (Available as a keynote, breakout and workshop)
If we are to feed the Lord’s sheep, we (and our children) must be able to articulate the hope that is within us.  Too often, we only train our children in the loving knowledge of the Lord, forgetting to equip them with key communicator tools to share and speak out that truth.  Join Valerie, a Toastmasters’ International (TI) gold-level speaker and past president to learn tips of the trade that take the struggle out of public speaking for anyone.  

What it Means to be a Veteran (A Veterans’ Day Observation)

Service before self to benefit the nation for the greater good is only part of what it means to be a soldier.  Once a soldier leaves active duty, that heart of selfless service continues to beat.  In this patriotic presentation, Valerie shares with the audience how indelible the love for country impresses a veteran to continue giving their best long after military duty ends.  Having served on contract with the Air Force for ten years, Valerie, a former captain, honors veterans for their service while also enlightening the audience on the important role they play in the life of their country and veterans.